Allegro Strings - Durban's finest live musicians for weddings, corporate events, dinner and birthday parties

We can provide the sound for your wedding, during the service on the beach, or in the nature anywhere in the province of Kwa Zulu natal South Africa. We can also provide the sound for the speeches during the wedding reception, and we can play music of your own choice for the entire reception should you decide not to hire a DJ. Sound technician will be there to help. You just need to compile your music.

Sound systems

QTX Sound QR12PA Portable 200W PA System

Beach wedding on the beautiful KZN coast is any bride`s dream.
However, it will be noisy from the sea and the wind, and there will be no power for conventional sound system.
You still want your guests to hear every word the wedding official is saying, and more important your wedding vows.We can help with our QTX sound system. This system will provide perfect sound during the ceremony, and also for the speeches during the wedding reception. It is battery operated so power would not be a problem.
It comes with two wireless microphones. The speaker and the microphones can be put on stands.


Rolland BA 330

This system is perfect sound reinforcement for the solo violin, the violin cello duo, the string trio, and string quartet. It produces a pristine sound. It does not make the sound unpleasantly loud. It just helps it cover a larger aria. It is ideal for the service and the welcoming drinks outside on the lawn. It is battery operated, so we can use it anywhere regardless power availability.


Bose L1 Compact

The Bose L1 Compact is perfect for audiences of up to 150 people. This system provides such a pristine sound so one can use it for speech, background music and music for the dance floor.